I’ve had many successes and failures as a transitioning natural. To transition means to let the hair grow out into its natural texture without cutting off all of your hair. When you’re transitioning, styles like twist outs, perm rod sets, and flexi rod sets are your best friend!

On this eventful wash day, we were not friends 😫! I attempted to do a flexi rod set and leave my hair out into a cute curly fro. I had not set my hair in rods in a long time, but I thought to myself I got this Flexed Biceps: Medium-Dark Skin Tone . I tuned into numerous tutorials on YouTube to make sure that I nailed the style. In my mind, the styling process was finna be a breeze!

Ha Ha Davis Gif

And the end result..

Martin gif


Ok I think you catch my drift. Needless to say it was not a breeze lol!

Read on to see how I went from bewildered…

woman with hand in her hair

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To bombshell owwww

woman in black sweater

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The Styling Process

Starting out on freshly washed damp hair, I sectioned into four equal parts. Butterfly clips, duckbill clips, or even a few ponytail holders would be helpful to keep the hair separated and organized. Next, I did the LOG Method on each section before installing the rods. In short, LOG stands for L-liquid and/or leave-in conditioner, O-oil of choice, and G-gel.

The liquid (usually water or a water-based moisturizer) or leave-in conditioner are important, as each provides nourishment and hydration to the hair for desired styles. The gel is used to set and hold the style. It also acts as a sealant, which is why it is the last product used before adding the rods. I will cover more moisturize and seal methods later on.

I began to install the flexi rods in the back section. I used a combination of the Annie 5/8 inch orange rods and the 7/8 purple soft twist rods–also by Annie. Flexi rods can be a bit tricky to secure after rolling around the hair.

I started with the ends of my hair, ensuring that they were wrapped tightly around the rod, rolled upward to the root, and bent the rod into a C shape to secure closely to my head. Another method would be to start at the root of the hair. The rod would be straight, then wrap a small piece of hair around the top of the rod away from the face.

Once the hair is wrapped around the rod, bend the top of it downward into a candy cane like shape to hold in place. Once all rods are in the hair, sit under a hooded dryer for about 30 minutes or air dry overnight.

I had the technique down pat! So I thought..

The Takedown

I did what most naturals do and began the takedown in the morning. Leave enough time to remove the rods and style, 30-45 minutes should be sufficient. I began by slowly removing each rod and carefully pulled each out in the same direction of the curl to avoid compromising the shape.

I then began to separate each curl by gently pulling the ends and letting each separate and volumize naturally with minimal frizz. The takedown process sounds legit, right? Then how did I end up with the masterpiece in the first picture above ??! When I realized that my hair did not turn out right, I immediately said ok how can I fix this?

Restyling Process

I grabbed my argan oil eco style gel, a spray bottle, my medium bristle wooden brush by Annie and went to wuurrkkk.hair styling products

I also used a thin black elastic headband and bobby pins to pull off the style.

I began to spritz the base of my hair with water: the top, sides, and back of the head. I smoothed in the water with my hands to ensure that it absorbed into my hair. Next, I used a generous amount of eco style gel. Not too much since I already had gel in my hair and product build up is not cute! I rubbed it into my hands first. I then took my brush and smoothed the gel throughout my hair.

woman brushing her hair

Once I got my hair smoothed to preference, I took the black headband and looped it one time. Next, I placed the looped headband around my neck and pushed it up to my hairline and nape of neck. I pushed the band back to the crown of my head to form a voluminous ponytail. Lastly, I fluffed out the curls and secured the band with a few bobby pins.


woman looking straight ahead

woman smiling

The Takeaway

I thought I had done everything right, but ended up with a busted rod set style. I think where I went wrong was applying too much gel. The gel made my hair kind of hard, with zero bounce or movement.

If I had applied a foam and a little gel for extra hold then I would have likely gotten the look that I was going for. I ended up loving the updo and I got plenty of compliments. I am so happy that I did not throw in the towel after missing the mark. Trial and error, baby!

What are your experiences with flipping a failed hairstyle into fire?!??

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