Looking for a couple of versatile and cute hairstyles for your little angel? Then look no further! I have been styling my niece’s hair since she was two years old. That was roughly 6 years ago.

I had no idea what I was doing at the time because I did not know how to braid! She has thick, low porosity 4c hair so I was in for a real challenge.

She’s actually part of the reason why this blog even exists! So, thank you, niecy-pooh! You have helped your auntie define her purpose by letting me learn your hair and discover my love for natural hair.

Take a look at a few of the cutest braided styles that I have done for her over the years!

Braided Updo

To achieve this look, I added braiding hair. Can anyone tell? I think not! Hair extensions where 🧐?! It lasted for roughly three weeks. Clear beads were added to the side bang cornrows, but barrettes, braid rings or hair jewels would complement the look as well!

High Ponytail

This style was so easy to do and surprisingly quick! I will be the first to admit that I am not the fastest braider. My niece could probably attest too 🥴, but it literally took 1 hour! The braided ponytail is crochet hair and I added large beads to the ends. SO adorable for any occasion! From back to school to weddings, this style is an instant go to!

Did I mention earlier that prior to styling my niece’s hair that I could not cornrow to save my life? Guess how I learned? With a lot of practice of course, even more patience, and YouTube! That’s right. YouTube taught me how to cornrow.

I was so determined to help baby girl that I was going to learn how to do her hair NO. MATTER. WHAT.

So how did I do? If I could learn, then anyone can!

Want to see more cornrow styles? I’ve got some coming in future posts!