There are so many products and brands to choose from! One can get lost trying to decide what to use for the best hair care regimen. From shampoos to deep conditioners, the options are endless.

Natural hair care products have really taken online and brick and mortar retail by storm. The most notable product lines out there are TGIN, Cantu, Carol’s Daughter, and Shea Moisture to name a few. What about the product lines that work wonders, but are lesser known? In particular, black hair care products for natural hair?

I have a certain staple of products that I use in my own regimen, but the following brands are next on my list to try! The fact that each are black owned brands are definitely a plus!

Keravada: Delivers that Moisture Magic

Keravada was founded in 2014 by CEO Demetrion Ware and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. I have seen nothing but positive reviews of the products! The company claims to be number 1 in the world for moisture, which is extremely important to maintain in healthy natural hair care.

The entire line has no less than 4 stars in customer reviews on the web. Satisfied customers have expressed that the products do just what they claim and are the best thing that has ever happened to their natural hair! It’s rare that the customer ratings are 4 stars and up so this line must really be the business and I cannot wait to support!

Keravada has got all that a natural needs; from curl defining gel, deep conditioner, natural shampoo, daily leave-in conditioner, and more!

Keravada, here I COMMEEE! 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️ 🗣️🗣️

black hair care products natural hair

Product Junkie Naturals: Non Toxic and Coconut Oil Free

I love Product Junkie Naturals! I have mentioned this line in a post before, and I will continue to do so! Product Junkie Naturals was founded by Denise Gathings, a natural hair enthusiast and mother of 7.

Ms. Gathings grew frustrated with the brands geared towards hair care because they did not meet the needs of her family. Scalp issues and skin conditions were concerns that she just could not resolve using products that were not suitable. Instead of continuing to be a consumer of products that she could not use, she made a boss move and did extensive research to start her own natural hair and skincare line.

How many consumers would do what she did? Not many, I bet. Product Junkie Naturals has been formulated with Ayurvedic Herbs, natural and organic ingredients that provide moisture and strength that textured hair needs.

Also, since the hair products are free from coconut oil and not loaded up with proteins, the line may be ideal for those with low porosity hair. It’s bommmbbbbb in other words lol. Product Junkie Naturals can be your go to, one stop shop for your hair and skincare needs.

Who’s ready to become a true product junkie??!

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Jovi Shai Beauty: Organic, Non GMO, Cruelty Free Care

This is another brand that I can’t wait to get my hands on! Founded by Erica LeShai and Jovi McGinnis, Jovi Shai Beauty specializes in creating products from organic plants that these beauties have grown themselves. All are organic, non-GMO, vegan/vegetarian hair and skincare products.

Similar to Denise Gathings’ experience, Jovi Shai Beauty was born out of frustration and stress. Ms. LeShai had been experiencing hair loss and breakouts on her skin, which she claimed to not usually have. After spending a lot of money on hair and skincare products, Ms. LeShai and Ms. McGinnis decided to take matters into their own hands by starting their own line.

On their website, I have seen amazing reviews. A fan favorite is the Shea Olive Body Conditioner, which is a 3-in-1 steal! It is amazing for the face, body, and hair. I have yet to try a product that I can use for my face, body, and hair!

I am all about using multipurpose products, so much love to these ladies for creating such an amazing brand. I’m here to support!✊🏽 ✊🏾✊🏿

black hair care products for natural hair

Hydratherma Naturals: Protein-Moisture Balance Perfection

Last, but certainly not least is Hydratherma Naturals. This company was founded by husband and wife Willie and Saleemah Cartwright. Protein and moisture are critical for the health of hair. If one’s hair receives more than the other, each could lead to breakage.

Personally, my hair needs more moisture than protein since I am low porosity. When I discovered that this line is scientifically formulated with natural ingredients to provide the perfect balance of moisture and protein, I knew that I had to share! This is literally the first time that I have heard of a line that provides perfect moisture and protein balance; and they claim to be the only brand formulated to do so.

Mrs. Cartwright is a licensed cosmetologist and registered nurse, while hubby Willie is a financial advisor that serves as CFO for their company. Hydratherma Naturals was created to help clients’ hair flourish through protein/moisture balance. Mrs. Cartwright herself would try products that either contained too much moisture or protein on herself and clients prior to co-founding Hydratherma Naturals.

After much trial and error, Mrs. Cartwright was finally able to create a line that delivers superior products. Happy consumers have claimed that the products have not only changed their hair for the better, but has also changed their lives.

Who wouldn’t want to try a product line that is out here changing hair AND lives?? Sign me up! 📝

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The Takeaway

Each of these black hair care product lines really seem to be a natural gal or guy’s dream. I am excited to try them all! Not really sure of which line I would like to start with because they all look to provide amazing benefits.

Product lines like the ones listed above make the natural hair journey worthwhile. There’s always room to grow and experiment with our hair! Also, the genuineness of each creator makes it that much easier to support.

Which brands are you willing to try? As always, feel free to share thoughts within the community!