Who doesn’t love a bomb protective style, especially as the colder months are approaching? Well, Fall is around the corner in my part of the world! That may not be the case for everyone out there, but these styles are versatile. So each can benefit any naturalista, no matter the time of year or location.

Since I haven’t worn any protective hairstyles this summer which is also an ideal time for them due to the humidity and not wanting to be bothered with constant styling, I thought why not round up some looks for the upcoming season??🍁 Take a look for yourself at some of the best protective hairstyles below.

High Ponytail Box Braids

beautiful woman in royal blue shirt
Photo by: iamjasmynwright/ Instagram

Box braids, anyone? This style can last anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks! Not only do they last a long time, but they are so cute!! They are incredibly low maintenance, but make sure to oil the scalp at least once a week to avoid itching.

Don’t forget to slick down those edges! Okay, sleek edges aren’t necessary but do not neglect the scalp. Another tip would be to lightly spray the braids with a moisturizer or leave-in to get some hydration to your hair under the braids. Just spritz a little and lightly rub into the braids with your hands.

Two Braids

boxer braids natural hair
Photo by: tara_martina_/ Instagram

Two braids can be achieved on straightened or blown out natural hair. If you are looking for a sleek, polished look as pictured then flat ironed hair would be the way to go.

I have worn this style on blown out hair and was able to slick my hair down good with Shine ‘n Jam Silk Edges with Olive Oil. Simple and chic! Should last up to two weeks.

Flat Twist with Curly Puff

natural hair updo styles
Photo by: terese_margo_/ Instagram

The puff can be purchased in hair stores or online. You could also use your own hair if you’ve got it! To get this look, I started off on air dried hair. I did the flat twists first and slicked my hair up into a high puff.

To define the puff I used water, leave-in conditioner and Eco Style Gel. I detangled my hair with my Wonderbrush working in small sections, applied the products, and finger coiled. It was a long process, but the style lasted for a few weeks!

Braids with Low Bun

woman in colorful t shirt
Photo by: tara_martina_/ Instagram

These styles are beautiful and simple, aren’t they? That’s what I love most about protective styles! They do not have to be complex or take hours and hours to install!

This look took about 45 minutes to 1 hour to do. Cornrows, Kanekalon hair for twisted low bun and boomCollision  . That’s it!

Lace Front Wig

woman wearing red
Photo by: iamjasmynwright/ Instagram

The evolution of wigs has been an amazing one! Gone are the days that wigs are just for the elderly or for people who are balding. Lace fronts look incredibly natural! There are lots of units that you can’t even tell aren’t the real deal.

Lace front wigs can be worn for however long, but don’t forget to show your real hair some TLC underneath. Protective styles are to help the hair grow while tucked away. If you do not snatch off the unit and treat the hair then you may end up with breakage instead of growth!

Drawstring Ponytail with Large Flat Twist

woman in gold sweater
Photo by: terese_margo_/ Instagram

This look was done on freshly washed, damp hair. I may have to do this again because I loved this style so much and received a lot of compliments!

It lasted for two weeks. The key to a long-lasting style is moisture and hold. If you like this style as much as I do, try it yourself and tag me!

Faux Locs

woman in gray sweater laughing
Photo by: tarzinejackson_nappy

I love these! Why? You get to have the look and beauty of locs without the commitment! I’ve never worn this style yet, but they are gorgeous.

Ever imagine yourself wearing a hairstyle, but would be hesitant to rock in real life? I always said I would never lock my natural hair but in case I ever have a change a heart, faux locs would be the test!

Braids with High Bun

woman in off the shoulder top
Photo by: terese_margo_/ Instagram

Not sure what to do with that extra pack of Kanekalon braiding hair? Make use of it in a twisted bun! Suitable for casual or dressy affairs.

Add some cornrows or flat twists and braid rings to jazz it up a bit!

Medium Length Lemonade braids with Beads

smiling woman sitting at table
Photo by: Reafon Gates_Pexels

Inspired by Queen Bey herself, these braids became popularized sometime around 2016 when she released the Lemonade album. Lemonade braids range from mid-length to knee-length and they are usually braided to one side of the head.

The edges are super laid for a neat look. Beads are optional, but they are a nice touch here!

Sleek Bun

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Photo by: Tubarones Photography_Pexels

The absolute go to hairstyle Raising Hands: Medium-Dark Skin Tone ! Buns are simple and beautiful. Can be styled on freshly washed hair or when you need a refresher style until wash day.

Just apply a moisturizer or leave-in, gel, and edge control to complete this style.

Half Wig

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Photo by: iamjasmynwright/ Instagram

Protect your hair with this curly unit! Your natural hair should be braided, cornrowed, or twisted underneath in order to secure the unit onto the head. A wig cap may or may not be worn. This is optional.

Long, Loose Curly Ponytail

woman in purple dress
Photo by: terese_margo_/ Instagram

Achieve this look in 10 minutes! Add water into a spray bottle and gel to put the hair into a sleek ponytail first. Then secure the ponytail into a bun. Try to get the bun as small as you can.

Depending on the thickness of your hair, it may be difficult. Use a few Ouchless Elastic Hair Bands or try twisting the hair and wrapping it around itself into a bun. Wrap the bundle of loose curly hair around the bun and add a few hair pins. Be sure not to stick yourself in the scalp with the hair pins.

So there you have it! I hope these protective styles have been inspiring. I love them all. What are your faves? As always, sharing is caring so leave a comment below!