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About Terese

Hey there! I am a young woman from NJ with a passion for hair in its natural and absolutely gorgeous state! Natural hair is a global movement and both men and women of all shades are now rocking their natural kinks and curls. This trend seems to have massive staying power and I am so here for it.

The Journey

flexi rod set natural hair

What does it mean to be natural?

I have been “natural” for nearly ten years! I have put natural in quotation marks because my definition may differ from the next hair enthusiast. I define natural as hair that is 100% free from perms, texturizers, or any additional chemicals that compromise the true hair texture of an individual. Therefore, the hair can be blown out, twisted, braided, colored (yes colored as long as the texture is not chemically altered) and much more!

Becoming natural takes a lot of learning and even more patience. I am natural, but my hair had been getting professionally blown out for years. I have decided to take a step back from the wash and curl and embrace the Wash N Go instead!

When I decided to take my hair into my own hands, I was excited and uncertain at the same time. I have very thick hair and it is also a nice length. Also, I had not the slightest clue of the specific needs to keep my hair healthy. Through research, purchasing many products and trial & error, I am able to say that I know my hair needs quite well. Additionally, I had very little braiding and twisting skills, but like the saying goes–Practice makes Perfect!!


As a natural hair enthusiast, I am excited to document my journey by providing general tips, hair health guidance, tutorials, successes (and not so successes) and lastly ENCOURAGEMENT to boldly wear those beautifully blessed tresses. So put the flat irons away for a while and enjoy heatless blowouts, twist outs, braid outs, and more with the assistance of yours truly!


I want to help as many individuals as possible to discover their natural texture and maintain healthy hair. I like to keep it informative and simple. Natural hair does not equal complicated in my book.

Let’s continue the movement.

I am here to help with suggestions and inquiries.

Here’s to a successful hair journey,


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