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So, Fall is here. That means cold weather is right around the corner, which can likely cause havoc wreakage on our strands. What better time would there be to add protective styles into the rotation?

Some of you may question what exactly is a protective style? I define it as any hairstyle that would allow little to no manipulation of one’s natural hair for at least 1-2 weeks–or in some cases even longer. It’s called giving your hair a break! Over manipulation can cause hair breakage for our fragile strands so please do yourselves a favor and rock one of these styles pictured below!

1) Sleek Low Ponytail

sleek ponytail natural hair

The ponytail is a drawstring that I purchased from Amazon.com. To slick the hair, I divided into three sections: two in front and one in the back. I applied a leave-in conditioner, oil, and sealed with gel. I slicked the hair in place section by section, sweeping the hair to the section in the back. Once the hair was laid, I tucked my ends into a tight bun and put on the ponytail. I followed a tutorial from an amazing YouTuber by the name of Halfrican Beaute.

2) Cornrows

Photo by @fideletty/Unsplash
Photo by: @fideletty/Unsplash

Cornrow braids can be styled simple and chic as pictured above or with parting designs and braid rings to accessorize. You can’t go wrong with them!

3) Long Twists

Photo by: Andrew Robinson (@aliixar)
Photo by: Andrew Robinson (@aliixar)/Unsplash

I absolutely LOVE twists! Pictured are Senegalese twists, which are sooo versatile. Sis definitely came through with the drip!

4) Box Braids

Photo by: pexels.com/@nappy
Photo by: pexels.com/@nappy

These can take hours to install, but the long-lasting wear is amazing. Box braids can last 1-3 months depending on the maintenance. Moisturize the hair and scalp at least 3-4 times a week and be sure to wear a satin or silk scarf to bed to preserve the style.

5) Two-Strand Twist Out Updo

Woman posing closed mouth smile

Who says a protective style has to be done with extensions?!

Not Me gif

This style lasted about 1.5 weeks. I did the LCO – (L: Liquid and/or Leave-in C: Cream O: Oil) method on freshly washed, damp hair. I did a large flat twist in the front of my head, set the hair in two strand twists, and added perm rods to the ends. It is very important to let the hair dry COMPLETELY. If not, your hair may frizz during the take down process. Super cute and low maintenance! I personally did not have to add moisture to my hair the whole time that it was styled this way, but a light spritz of water or daily moisturizer of choice could be used!

What is your go to protective style? Let me know by commenting below!